WCF Weight Loss Challenge

Winner Circle is home to Southern California’s premier body transformation center. Are you somebody that wants to make a drastic change but don’t have the knowledge or tools? We’ve got you covered. There is an upfront accountability cost of 200$. Why the accountability cost? Up front cost ensures you’re committed to the program and stay motivated throughout the challenge. The best part about it is when you lose 20lbs in 6 weeks you get your money back and your transformation is FREE! You’ll have full access to any of our Boot Camp training times to make sure we get those calories burning and drop that weight! We will provide you with a meal plan and grocery list specifically designed to meet your weight loss goals. Winner Circle is equipped with a full nutrition warehouse (Sports Nutrition Warehouse) that provides goal specific supplementation to give you an extra edge during your challenge. You will also have full access to the Rapid Recovery Lounge that offers all the latest recovery tools. We are a complete “one stop shop” for all of your body transformation needs.

Weight Loss Challenge

6 weeks -  (Accountability fee)

Lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks and it’s FREE!

Weight Loss Challenge Includes:

1 - hour HIIT Class (High-intensity Interval Training)
Class days: Monday – Thursday & Saturday
Class times: 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, & 5PM, Saturday 8AM
Free Meal Plan & weekly in-body scans

Optional Nutrition Add-on’s:

Supplement stack (Protein, BCAAs, Fat Burner)
Monthly Add-on:
Goal specific meal plan with weekly check-ins and
Monthly Add-on:

Recovery Add-on’s:


Month – 1x @ week 55 min Tower Pilates
Per mo. – 2x @ week 55 min Tower Pilates

Compression Recovery Boots:

Month - (4) 10
minute Normatec boot sessions


30 minutes - Session or 60 minutes - Session
4 pack (1 hour /week): Month


Single Session

4 Session Pack

Select Recovery Program (1x/week) = Month - 15 minute Regeneration session

- Choice of (4) Hyperbaric dives, Cryotherapy, or Massages & (4)
Normatec or Theragun sessions

- Prime Recovery Program  (2x/week) = Month
- 30 minute Regeneration & Mobility Assessment