Cardiovascular and Hypertrophy Training is a strength based class that infuses aerobic movements with functional weight lifting.  Studies show that individuals are more successful when training group settings as opposed to one on one. That is why we have created a small semi private atmosphere to ensure clients receive proper instruction during training sessions. The CHT class caters to individuals of any fitness level.  If you already have a lot of experience, but enjoy the tempo and diverse variety of exercises or have no experience at all and require structure and motivation. So if you’re somebody looking to build muscle and tone up this is the class for you!


Chose your CHT Program contract length:

 12 weeks - Month

24 weeks - Month

52 weeks - Month

CHT Membership Includes:

1 – hour CHT Class (Cardiovascular and Hypertrophy Training – “strength” based)

Class days: Monday – Thursday & Saturday

Class times: 6AM, 11AM, & 6PM, Saturday 9AM
 Saturdays members can bring a friend or family member
for FREE
 Meal Plan with weekly in-body scans

Optional Nutrition Add-on’s:

Supplement stack (Protein, BCAAs, Fat Burner)

Monthly Add-on:

Goal specific meal plan with weekly check-ins and

Monthly Add-on:

Recovery Add-on’s:


Month – 1x @ week 55 min Tower Pilates
Per mo. – 2x @ week 55 min Tower Pilates

Compression Recovery Boots:

Month - (4) 10
Minute Normatec sessions


30 minutes - Session or 60 minutes -$65.00/session
- 4 pack (1 hour /week): Month


Single Session

4 Session Pack

Select Recovery Program (1x/week) = Month - 15 minute Regeneration session

- Choice of (4) Hyperbaric dives, Cryotherapy, or Massages & (4)
Normatec or Theragun sessions

- Prime Recovery Program (2x/week) = Month
- 30 minute Regeneration & Mobility Assessment
- Choice of (4) Hyperbaric dives, Cryotherapy, or Massages & (4)
Normatec or Theragun sessions