Since 1968, football coaches have trained youth, high school, college and professional champions by making Rogers Athletic football training sleds and dummies an important part of their practices. Rogers understands that champions are made long before the games begin. We are committed to manufacturing strength training equipment that promotes proper technique and is designed with safety in mind. GET STRONG!

Sorinex works with hundreds of colleges and high schools, over 90% of the NFL, a slew of military bases, and some of the strongest folks ever to wrap their hands around a barbell. Some of our designs have changed the face of strength training forever, and can be found in almost any serious gym in the world. When you are a professional athlete, you deserve the best professional strength training equipment. Sorinex exercise equipment is designed by strength training professionals, and is tested and built with elite strength training in mind. Sorinex endeavors to maximize your strength training performance by providing the highest quality in all phases of design, production, installation and customer service. Our modular equipment concept allows Sorinex and our partners to continually adapt and evolve as new ideas and professional best practices change.

SKLZ is the innovator in athletic training and the premier developer and marketer of athletic performance and skill development training products for serious athletes of all ages. The flagship brand of Pro Performance Sports, SKLZ delivers broad lines of training products across a variety of sports, including baseball, fastpitch, golf, football, basketball, and soccer. SKLZ focuses on transforming innovative concepts into effective sports training products that help athletes reach their full potential. At Winner Circle Athletics we incorporate SKLZ products into all of our training protocols and these young athletes get to “train just like the pros!"