Everything brought to you Winner Circle Fit was designed with you in mind. All services provided are in-house for your convenience, and to bring you the best experience possible!


How it works

With the WCF CHT program you are able to customize your program to fit your liking and to compliment your lifestyle. Small group team training ensures each member will get attention he or she will need to develop.

Club memberships include the Fuel Pass, and from there on, you are able to further customize your membership by adding Recovery, Pilates, and Massage. The WCF program was designed for your convenience and to bring you the best experience possible.

Tier 1
Fuel Pass

WCF and Winner Circle Nutrition have come together to bring you the Fuel Pass. With the Fuel Pass, you can decide to customize your supplement stack the way you see fit and have it ready to take home every single month on the day of your choice (ex: protein, bcaa, multivitamin ready every first of the month).

You can also choose to have your pre and post workout provided for you before and when you finish up your training session (ex: bcaa’s, fish oil, multivitamin before training session, and protein shake immediately following training session). You may also choose both avenues (recommended) to give you an edge during your fitness journey with WCF.

The Fuel Pass gives you access to you custom meal plan (meal plans are designed to help fit your preferences and lifestyle), regular Inbody Analysis (InBody Analysis is a machine that breaks down body composition and tracks progress), and consultations with our nutrition coach (consultations are a must to answer any questions and guide you on your journey).

CHT Classes

Tier 2

You can also add physical therapy sessions at our Recover Center to relieve sore muscle pain from those challenging training sessions and make sure your fresh for you next workout! You will have access to Theragun to break down muscle knots, strains, increase mobility, and relieve pain.

Normatec Compression boots and sleeves can increase oxidized blood flow to the arms/legs to help the body repair faster and relieve soreness.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber increases overall oxygen levels in all areas of the body including muscle, all major organs and the brain to accelerate healing from the inside out.


Hero’s Movement

Winner Circle Fit is now offering The Heroes Movement! This will provide rehabilitation, strength and conditioning programs to ALL veterans of the United States Armed Forces for free.